About Us

PDL Productions, L.L.C. is a software development company specializing in the design and development of mobile applications. Founded in May of 2011, PDL started out as a game development studio creating a wide assortment of games for people of all ages. As the mobile revolution continued, PDL shifted its focus from games to mobile apps for businesses and organizations of all sizes across many different industries and markets.

With our vast amount of knowledge and experience in designing and developing mobile applications, PDL has worked on a wide variety of projects for clients across the globe. These projects have ranged from games and entertainment apps to powerful utilities and custom business applications. Following the very latest standards in mobile app design and staying on the cutting edge of new technologies has made PDL Productions a leader in the mobile application and software development industries.

In 2015, PDL Productions launched a revolutionary new app platform called Taktic Apps that virtually any type of business or organization can take advantage of to create a quality, innovative, and professional mobile app. Boasting an incredible, easy-to-use, and highly customizable feature set, Taktic Apps allows all types of companies from startups to small businesses to non-profits to Fortune 500 corporations to create the next generation of cutting-edge mobile apps. Today, Taktic Apps is being used by organizations of all sizes to connect with people and drive engagement in ways never before possible with a mobile app that's built to match the brand and image of each client in a way that exceeds their expectations.

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